Cmon Baby Yeah!!
Juni 1996

Dear D. J., I enjoy about
You're playing my record loud
That means I'm nearly famous
Maybe my Baby can hear me now

Ive to tell her that now in my life
Since my Baby left me it hurts like a knife
So Kicki listen now, this one's for you

Cmon Baby Yeah !

Do you still remember down there we saw,
Cloud No. 7, I still do
I can't go on further if you don't come back
Love me again how I still do
My heart is a house with 100 doors
I please you come in and have a look
Everywhere around

My nose isn't so good so I must come near
Very closed to you now, that your scent is clear
So Kicki cmon now let's make love again

Cmon Baby Yeah !

My health is getting worse without you it's true
I thought I would be oh so strong
I really thought I could let you go
Away from me but that was wrong
The day will come I know, that is fact
That I'll be sleeping just at
The bottom of your door

Cmon Baby Yeah !