Gluck's Peace
Juni 2000

Old master gluck was happy at all.
Rubbed his tip chin and the hook of a nose,
That often so useful, so useful has been.
So useful has been.

Old master gluck's life has almost been lucky
And always filled up with sense and success.

Now at this point it was time to lay back.
His long tended wish should come true to enjoy his past.

While numberless trials it always happened the same:
A trace of commotion and action catched him again

And goad him on to look for more life...

Deep inside of him a hunger was burning.
Searching adventueres he was, again and again.

And went on to look for more life...
And it went...

So he had been at so many places
And he had seen so many things,
That he believed
He finally had to start writing down.

He feared it could be not enough time
To tell everything to his descendants
And all his friends
That he would leave behind.
And would he stay in their minds?

After all there were many things - on this world
Which were generally bound - with his name
There were glucksounds; glucksfeelings at all.

And a very popular movie called gluck's peace
And the legend of the house of gluck's peace
And not at least this song,
That tells the story on...