The Caribian
23. Januar 2000

Moving and dancing around
Singin' and loughin' out loud
The caribian
Music-and they dance
And get a wild romance
The caribian
Dancin' cheek to cheek
Never want to sleep
The caribian

The sun always shines in the land
Of deep blue sea
And my loveboat of dreams
Is taking me away...

The boys are always smiling,
With lury eyes they're adding fuel
To the flames
Of my desire
Mini-skirts and wet T-shirts
And moves like "Giv'me just a word"
Come dance with me
I'm on fire

Loveboats swinging time,
Summer sun and wine
The course lays straight ahead
'til morning

The music plays this song now
And everyone feels strong now
And full of joy
And desire

Now it's party-time,
Loveboat on the line
In the caribian, caribian

It's party-time!